The only abrasive you will ever need can be use for wet sanding or dry , with machine or by hand

Unique special film discs with universal application , One product to cover the total range of abrasives needs made with plastic membrane and electrostatic applied abrasive grit.



Sunmight Plastic Film Sanding Disc


Sunmight Plastic Film Sanding Disc

This is really the only abrasive product you need , It’s use will revolutionize your operation , it will remove the need to have other abrasive products completely, no more wet or dry, no more free cut paper, no more production paper , no more micro fine discs. Sunmight Plastic Film Sanding Disc will replace them completely.

It can be used wet it can be used dry , on a machine dry , on a machine wet, with a backing pad by hand sanding wet or dry and on a sanding block .

,Excellent Cutting Performance
Special mineral with improved bonding power prevents mineral shelling and provides fast cutting power and long lasting life for a reduced work time.

Excellent Durability
To solve breakage and folding problem of paper products, the film backing material was developed and its special coating treatment on the mineral surface prevents clogging and maintains its durability for a longer life.

Perfect Sanding Surface
Even mineral coating on flatter film surfaces, contributes to the perfect sanding surface preventing scratches caused by uneven mineral surface.

How they compare!

The comparison between standard paper discs and new Sunmight Plastic Film Sanding Disc

Sunmight Plastic Film Sanding Disc backing is proven to prolongs the life of the disc to last 5-6 times longer than cheap paper discs and 3 times longer than a high quality paper disc. e.g. 3M. They also speed up the sanding process as more area is sanded than with a standard paper disc. This is because of the unique Sunmight plastic film surface, there is no build up or clogging and will remove 5% more material in the same time than with a quality paper disc.

They really have to be seen to be believed! but these discs could cut your ancillaries bill by up to 45% per year.

SUNA0036 FILM DISC 150MM 7H P36 PK50 – Paint stripping down to bare metal, Hardwood rough sanding .
SUNA0040 FILM DISC 150MM 7H P40 PK50 – Sanding down Body filler and Rusty areas.
SUNA0080 FILM DISC 150MM 7H P80 PK100 – Sanding Fine body filler and general wood sanding
SUNA0100 FILM DISC 150MM 7H P100 PK100 – Wood sanding by hand or machine.
SUNA0120 FILM DISC 150MM 7H P120 PK100 – Smoother Sanding Body fillers and stoppers
SUNA0180 FILM DISC 150MM 7H P180 PK100 – Sanding paintwork for primer refinishing.
SUNA0240 FILM DISC 150MM 7H P240 PK100 – Sanding 2k primers and air dry topcoats.
SUNA0320 FILM DISC 150MM 7H P320 PK100 – Fine sanding ready for topcoat application.
SUNA0400 FILM DISC 150MM 7H P400 PK100 – Sanding substrate before base coat application.
SUNA0500 FILM DISC 150MM 7H P500 PK100 – Sanding aluminium prior to clear coat application.
SUNA0600 FILM DISC 150MM 7H P600 PK100 – Wet flatting paintwork before top coating.
SUNA0800 FILM DISC 150MM 7H P800 PK100 – Sanding plastic parts prior to painting
SUNA1000 FILM DISC 150MM 7H P1000 PK100 – Wet flatting clear coats prior to re lacquering.
SUNA1200 FILM DISC 150MM 7H P1200 PK100 – Machine wet flatting imperfections in finished topcoat
SUNA1500 FILM DISC 150MM 7H P1500 PK100 – Machine wet flatting orange peeled topcoat prior to polishing.
SUNA2000 FILM DISC 150MM 7H P2000 PK100 – Machine or by hand wet or dry sanding of plastic parts or final topcoat
All discs are 7 hole / Velcro backed


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